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Snoring Test
Snoring Test

First, let us perform a small “snoring test”.

After the test, you will be able to determine the exact problem you are facing and therefore find the right solution for it (without wasting money on a trial and error basis).

Believe it or not, your snoring is simply caused by one or more of the following:

  1. Tongue
  2. Mouth
  3. Nose 

The tongue is the most common cause of snoring because tongue muscles tend to relax and fall back when one is asleep.

Here’s how you can perform the “snoring test” on your own at home.


  • Step 1: Stick out your tongue
  • Step 2: Hold it in place using your teeth
  • Step 3: Attempt to make the vibration sound of snoring (try as hard as you can)

Did you produce the loud snoring noise? If you just answered NO then your tongue is the cause of your snoring. And in that case, you need to focus on a device that tames your tongue like the Mouth Type Anti Snoring Tongue Device


If you snore during the tongue test (above), then chances are that the problem lies elsewhere.

It’s time for a jaw test.

Normally, you are more likely to snore if you breathe through your open mouth instead of the nose.

The reason why the mouth tends to open at night is because of the jaw muscles loosening. Here’s a simple test for this.

  • Step 1: Open your mouth (Half-wide open)
  • Step 2: Put some effort into producing the snoring sound
  • Step 3: Close your mouth and try doing the same thing

If you realize that you can still make a snoring noise when your mouth is open but find it impossible when your mouth is closed then your jaw could be the culprit.

You can use the Anti Snore Chin Strap  to get rid of this kind of snoring.


The nose test will help you find out if a blocked nostril is the cause of your snore.

In this case, if your nose is stuffy or you are having an allergy or sinus problem, then you are likely to snore even if you use a mandibular adjusting device Anti Snoring Mouthpiece,  or chin strap.

  • Step 1: Place a finger inside one of your nostrils and push it gently inside
  • Step 2: Close your mouth in such a way that you only breathe through the one free nostril
  • Step 3: Now try to breathe in

You may find that your other nostril may collapse and allow you to produce a snoring sound.

If that happens then the problem behind your snoring lies within your nose.

You can use products like The Nasal Dilators and  The Micro CPAP to stop this kind of snoring.


Sometimes, you may find that your snoring is caused by multiple issues.

Like for instance, a combination of tongue and nose or uvula and soft palate (Uvula is the small nob of tissue that hangs down at the back of your mouth when you open your mouth wide).

In that case, none of the tests suggested above will provide you with a solid answer.

The recommended solution is the Anti Snoring Solution – 2 Devices in 1 Kit which will help you determine what is the best device for you to stop snoring.

Summary :

You could waste a lot of time trying to find an anti-snoring remedy if you have not first figured out what is making you snore.

That is why we recommend taking these three tests prior to making a purchase. You may look (or sound) funny while doing them but no worries, they are all easy to handle on your own and more so in private. And You can solve your snoring problem easily.

How to Use the Anti Snoring Products

how to use the anti snoring products
how to use the anti snoring products

1. SnoreTek Chin Strap

SnoreTek is an adjustable product that works to keep your lower jaw from falling open as you sleep. Since your muscles relax when sleep sets in, this can cause the tongue and soft tissue to fall backwards and block the airway. SnoreTek works to keep the jaw held shut to keep this from happening, thus reducing or, ideally, eliminating the vibrations we perceive as snoring.

How to Wear Your SnoreTek Chin Strap?

When you get your product, it’s pretty simple to use. You’ll receive a small box which includes your chin strap and a mesh case. All you have to do is put the device on. This product is designed using Velcro to help you customize the fit. You put it on in two simple steps:

  • Place the strap under your chin and position the cutouts around your ears.
  • Fasten the Velcro at the top of your head.

This product stays in place very well throughout the night. It does not slip off.

Does SnoreTek Stop Snoring?

Snoring episodes are reduced, but not completely eliminated. I think this could be partially due to the fact that a person usually naturally sleeps with his mouth closed. He responds very well to mandibular advancement devices that work to move your jaw forward rather than upward.

When mouthpieces are used in conjunction with the SnoreTek chin strap, we found the combination to be highly effective. Not only do the snoring cease, but you don’t have to worry about it starting back up in the middle of the night when the mouthpiece would fall out.

Highly-Elastic Materials Used for Comfort

You want to be comfortable in bed, and SnoreTek made getting to sleep easy. It’s made of neoprene material that’s highly elastic, and this makes it really easy to fit. The ear cutouts are very generic and were accommodating for everyone. It is very good at accommodating snorers of all shapes and sizes.

Excessive Off-gassing

A Customer says :

While it was very comfortable, I did have a problem with the smell as it does have a strong chemical odour. We tried a similar product that was quite a bit more expensive. Functionally, they worked about the same, although I think SnoreTek was a little more comfortable. However, I think the main difference was the quality of materials as the more expensive product didn’t have the smell.

Not for Mouth-Breathing… How This Could be a Good Thing

Generally speaking, anti-snoring chin straps don’t carry FDA approval, but since you don’t wear it in your mouth and it’s minimally invasive, it should not concern the snorer.
SnoreTek hasn’t undergone any type of clinical testing. However, similar products have positive results in reducing or eliminating snoring. Some studies have even shown unexpected positive results through the use of chin strap devices like reducing blood pressure.

A Few Words of Warning

While most people can at least try an anti-snoring chin strap to see if it will work for them, there are a few things to consider before you buy. For starters, these devices should not be used by anyone who suffers from:

  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • COPD
  • Central sleep apnea
  • Severe respiratory disorders

If you have or suspect you may have any form of obstructive sleep apnea, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider before you use any anti-snoring device. Furthermore, you’ll want to make an appointment with your dentist to consult if you have issues like loose teeth, advanced periodontal disease, or jaw joint pain.
If at any time you experience the following symptoms while using your SnoreTek chin strap, you should stop using it and talk to your doctor:

  • TMJ pain
  • Gum irritation
  • Bite problems
  • Central sleep apnea
  • Loose teeth

Maintenance Tips

SnoreTek suggests you wash the product before you use it, but I could still smell it after the first wash. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, I’d suggest trying to keep the Velcro in place when you put it on and take it off.

You can use it with dentures and it is machine washable.

2.Micro CPAP (Nasal Dilator)

The Micro CPAP is a device that you put into your nostrils and maximizes airflow by dilating the nostrils. This combination of dilating and airflow raises the air pressure inside your airway which makes it impossible for your airway to collapse and for the soft throat tissue to vibrate. This makes the Micro CPAP a solution that solves all possible causes of snoring and is incredibly effective with sleep apnea.

If you’re looking for an anti-snoring device that has been proven to be incredibly effective then you don’t need to search any further, as this anti snoring device has shown us a 96% success rate under snorers. So, you can count on the fact that the Micro CPAP will finally end your snoring, even if other anti-snoring devices have not worked for you.

Many people find it uncomfortable to have something in their mouth during the night, like a regular CPAP machine or a mouthpiece, but there is no need for this when you’re using the Micro CPAP Machine. If you find it more uncomfortable to have a device in your nose then this is not the anti snoring device for you, but many people find this a lot more comfortable than something in their mouth. Besides, the Micro CPAP machine is made of a material that is especially uncomfortable and will mold itself to your nose.

micro cpap anti snore device

3. Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD or Snoring Mouthpiece)

This device sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. The snoring mouthpiece works by pushing your jaw into a forward position. The airway will open up when the jaw is a forward position, which will prevent snoring from happening.

The first benefit to the MAD device is that it is relatively comfortable, for most people at least. They are made up of materials that put a great focus on comfort, although you could experience some tooth pain and jaw pain while using the MAD. Luckily, these pains will usually fade away after repetitive usage of the snoring mouthpiece.

Snoring mouthpieces are very convenient, not only can they be brought everywhere, but they also take no time at all to insert. Literally, all you must do is open your mouth and put the device over your teeth, and you’re ready to drift off to sleep. If it’s that simple you’ll be much more likely to do it then when you need to start up an entire CPAP machine.

Finally, the snoring mouthpieces have been proven to be rather effective, and most people stop snoring while using the snoring mouthpiece. This goes, as long as your snoring issues are caused by misplacement of the jaw. When this is not the case, the snoring mouthpiece won’t solve anything. Thus, you might want to find this out before you order a snoring mouthpiece.

4. SnoreQuiet Nose Vents

You may be thinking what does this product has to do with snoring. Well, the answer is quite simple. When we sleep and cannot get enough oxygen in through our nostrils due to their constant collapsing on the in-breath, our body automatically switches to mouth breathing to provide the required oxygen to the bloodstream, which results in increased snoring, especially if we happen to be sleeping on our back.

If you snore due to constricted nasal passages, then an anti-snoring device such as SnoreQuiet Nose Vents might just be the perfect solution for you. Nonetheless, it probably goes without saying that it may take some time to get used to sleeping with a device shoved into each nostril.

Comfortable: Still, the best products on the market are made from soft, medical grade silicone which shouldn’t be too uncomfortable, and most people get used to sleeping with the device within a few nights. However, if you find that this type of device works to reduce or eliminate your snoring, you should know that this is not a temporary fix.

Everyday Use :It will be necessary for you to sleep with the device inside your nose every night for the rest of your life if you wish to continue not snoring, but most prefer this to keep their partner awake every night with their incessant snoring.

Different sizes of the nose :When choosing this type of anti-snoring device, there are a few things to pay attention to. The first is that each person’s nostrils are of a different size and shape, which is why most products are available in multiple sizes, so it may be necessary to try out a few sizes to find the one which fits your nostrils best.

Material: Another thing to consider is the material that the dilator is made of. You should steer clear of any dilators made from plastic or rubber, and instead only choose one made of surgical grade silicone, as these are easiest to keep clean and free from bacteria, plus the most comfortable to wear. To make your choice easier, below we have presented two different products which are sure to work for most.

How it works: These anti-snore nasal dilators are gently placed in the nostrils to immediately improve the flow of air through your nose. Airflow prevents the vibration of the soft palate, which allows you to breathe easily and eliminate snoring without discomfort to the user.

Design and Quality: Modern design replicates the anatomy of your nose to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable sleep. The snoring devices are made with the best materials.

Easy Breathing: The best otolaryngologists have developed this snore stopper kit, which allows you and your loved ones to stop snoring and breathe better through your nose as you sleep.

Durability and Reusability: Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and antibacterial case, you can use the nose vents for a long time. Nasal dilators are comfortable and easy to use and clean.

Top 4 Best Anti Snoring Devices

Best Anti Snoring Devices

1. SleepRite Micro CPAP Snoring Device

The first and most reliable device on our list is the SleepRite Micro CPAP Snoring Device. This device is somewhat unique. It gently dilates the airways to create more positive airflow. This allows your airways to remain unrestricted so you can have a good night’s sleep. It’s small and very lightweight but highly effective. The part that goes into your nostrils is made from soft silicone which turns out to be very comfortable. Some people might take a little time to get used to the device but once you get used to it, you forget it’s there. Taking care of the device is very simple and it comes with cleaning instructions.

Quality :
The SleepRite Micro CPAP is comfortable as it is made from soft silicone. The construction of the device is simple and sturdy so you can trust it will last a long time.

micro cpap anti snore device

SleepRite Micro CPAP Snoring Device
SleepRite Micro Anti Snore Device - Sleep & Breath Aid (Original)

SleepRite Micro CPAP Snoring Device

One advantage of these Micro CPAPs is that they are a lot smaller and therefore a lot more portable than the regular CPAP machines. You can travel with them for instance. Another advantage is that these Micro CPAP machines don’t use power as the bigger CPAP machines.

Some disadvantages of the Micro CPAP are that some people find them little awkward than the bigger CPAP machines because their natural maximization of airflow, so you might not feel comfortable using them if you are used to the regular CPAP machine.

Checkout This Product on Amazon

2. SnoreQuiet Chin Strap

Snoring chin straps have been around since the 1930s. There have been generations of research on which is the most effective type and surprisingly, the most effective is the single-point adjustable. That is why we highly recommend the SnoreQuiet Chin Strap. Adjustable in one velcro point, it works by holding your jaws in a slightly forward position in order to keep your airways open while sleeping. It works on the same principle as the maximum head tilt you learn during CPR training.

With this device, you don’t have to wear anything inside your mouth. It’s a non-invasive, anti-snoring device, meaning that you can use it any time and even take it with you on your next business trip with no cleaning necessary.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Chinstrap_product_image_rendering.png
SnoreQuiet Chin Stra

Checkout This Product on Amazon

3. SleepRx Mouthpiece

The way the mouthpiece works is by pulling your lower jaw slightly forward to open the airways and hence, reduce the snoring. The mouthpiece is molded to fit your mouth with the boil and bite technique. The SleepRx Anti Snoring Mouthpiece has been on the market a while.

The first night it takes a couple of hours to get used to. From the second night on it works like a charm! Snoring is gone and the mouth doesn’t hurt a bit!

Best Quality Silica Gel Anti Snore Mouthpiece Snore Stopper Anti snoring Device Braces
SleepRx Mouthpiece

SleepRx Mouthpiece

Quality :

The quality is very impressive. It comes in a storage case with clear instructions for the molding process, which takes about 3 minutes. There are a lot of good reviews on their website. So far, no complaints with our mouthpiece.

Good news is that this method is rather effective, as long as the snoring is not caused by physical obstruction or a problem with your airway anatomy. And on top of this, wearing a mouthpiece is often deemed more comfortable than a CPAP machine for example. The Mandibular Adjustment Device has also been subjected to plenty of research and it has come forward that they are completely safe, so there is no need for worrying in that department. The final benefit of the snoring mouthpiece is that they are generally not that expensive when you compare them to other options.

SnoreRx is designed, engineered, and manufactured in California. All components are made from premium copolymer materials and are latex free.

With proper maintenance, the SnoreRX is designed to last nine to eleven months, and regular cleaning has proven to increase overall longevity.

Review :

My sleep partner often breathes through his mouth when he sleeps, and this was facilitated by the open front that allows full airflow through the V-Flow design. Many snore devices make it impossible to breathe through your mouth, so, if you suffer from a condition that prevents nasal breathing, the SnoreRX is worth consideration

Checkout This Product on Amazon

4. SnoreQuiet Nose Vents

SnoreQuiet Nose Vents are essentially nasal dilators. These are devices that are inserted into your nostrils before you go to sleep. They help to keep the airways open to prevent obstructed breathing, which in turn reduces snoring.

By opening the airways, nasal dilators such as SnoreQuiet Nose Vents can improve breathing. The idea behind this device is very simple, as you just insert it before sleeping and in theory, it should stay in all night.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is amazon_8piece_transparent.png
SnoreQuiet Nose Vents
anti snore nose dilator vents
SnoreQuiet Nose Vents

When we sleep and cannot get enough oxygen in through our nostrils due to their constant collapsing on the in-breath, our body automatically switches to mouth breathing to provide the required oxygen to the bloodstream, which results in increased snoring, especially if we happen to be sleeping on our back.

This is also precisely why nasal dilators are so useful at stopping snoring because they allow us to breathe freely through our nostrils by ensuring that they remain fully open.

Review :

I found the SnoreQuiet Nose Vents did work consistently me. The large ones caused discomfort but it was because my nasal cavities are not as big as others. The small ones felt better and did have a positive effect on my snoring. I also thought they were quite costly for being such a little piece but impressively they are not for the kind of results I’ve got. As a final thought, I highly recommend this anti-snoring device for an immediate snoring solution.

Checkout This Product on Amazon

7 Easy Fixes for Snoring

Fixes for snoring
Fixes for snoring

Approximately 45 % of people snore at least occasionally. Maybe you are out of that 45 % or you may know someone who does. Ultimately the person snores become a source of amusement for others and people make fun of that person mostly at a family gathering. Whatever the case is snoring is a serious issue.

Snoring can create a problem in the marriage, says Danial P. Slaughter, a snoring expert from Texas. Some times it becomes a very serious issue that a person who snores keeps the other spouse from a sound sleep and leads to separate bedrooms.

According to Slaughter that the people who snore increase the risk of developing heart disease.  Whereas 75% of people are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

You can get rid of your problem by making changes in your lifestyle. Let’s have a look which natural remedies are there to help you out in this problem.

1. Changing in Sleep Position.

Sleeping on your side can help you to prevent snoring. Because lying straight actually makes the base of your tongue and the soft palate collapse with the back of your throat which results in snoring during sleep.

According to Slaughter,

“A body pillow (a full-length pillow that supports your entire body) provides an easy fix,”

And  “It enables you to maintain sleeping on your side and can make a dramatic difference.”

2. Lose Weight.

Sometimes weight loss helps the people but it does not help everyone. Slaughter says, “Thin people snore, too,” And if your started snoring after you gained weight and you did not snore before you gained weight. Weight loss may help you to get rid of snoring.

3. Avoid Alcohol.

According to Chokroverty, “Drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleeping makes snoring worse,” Moreover, “People who don’t normally snore will snore after drinking alcohol.

Alcohol decreases the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat, making it more likely you’ll snore.

4. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene.

Sometimes snoring is caused due to poor sleep habits. And it has the same effect as of drinking alcohol. When you work for hours and hours without proper sleep. And you finally hit your bed after being too tired.

Slaughter says, “You sleep hard and deep, and the muscles become floppier, which creates snoring,”

5. Open Nasal Passages.

Some people snore because their nasal passages are not open. It allows air to move slowly.

Slaughter says. “Imagine a narrow garden hose with water running through. The narrower the hose, the faster the water rushes through.”

Nasal passages work similarly as if your nose is narrowed due to cold or other blockages, the fast-moving air is more likely to produce snoring.

Nasal strips may also work to lift nasal passages and open them up — if the problem exists in your nose and not within the soft palate.

6. Change Your Pillows.

Sometimes your pillow also contributes snoring. When you did the last dust the ceiling fan. When you replaced your pillow?

Dust in pillows and in any other corner of the house can cause an allergic reaction that also leads to snoring. Similarly allowing pets to sleep on the bed is another common irritant.

“If you feel fine during the day but obstructed at night, these things may be contributing to your snoring,” Slaughter says.

7. Stay Well Hydrated.

When your body is dehydrated it create snoring. According to the Institute of Medicine, healthy women should drink 11 cups of total water (from all drinks and food) a day; men require about 16 cups.

To conclude, we can say that you should get enough sleep. Similarly, avoid alcohol before sleep. Moreover, take a hot shower if the nasal passages are blocked.

Slaughter says. “These simple practices can make a huge difference in reducing snoring.”

Top Anti Snoring Devices in 2019

Best Anti Snoring Devices in 2019
Best Anti Snoring Devices in 2019

Best Anti Snoring Devices in 2019 

Snoring is a sleeping breathing disorder. It is common in both genders. Most of the time it disturbs the sleep at night not even of the person who is facing this disorder rather the partner who is living in that room too — approximately 90 million American snores. 

Are you looking for a beneficial and effective anti-snoring solution? Do you want to put your snoring problem to end finally? 

Here in this article, you can find the best and top rated anti snoring devices reviews and prices at Amazon. 

Read the article and choose the device which suits you the most and gets rid of your snoring problem. Selecting the right and a useful anti-snoring device is a bit difficult task because all the tools do not work. So this article will help you with your problem for selecting the anti-snoring device for yourself. 

  1. Nose Vents Plugs Clip Anti Snoring Device:  

Nose Vents Plugs Clip Stop Snoring Aid is the foremost and a reliable anti-snoring device. It is a unique device that helps your breath to flow gently. It helps your airways remain unrestricted so you can enjoy your sound sleep at night. Nose Vents Plugs are lightweight but very helpful and comfortable to use. 

People may take some time to adjust with the device but once use to it they forget it’s there.  

2-in-1 Anti Snoring Nasal Dilators Snoring Solution is the best anti snoring aids. Nose vents plug does not only stop snoring, but snore stopper also filters harmful air. 

Nose Vents Plugs are made of good quality materials like silicon and used soft technology which provides you an enjoyable sleep. 

 Nose Vents Plugs are easy to use. You need to insert the Nose Vents Plugs into your nostrils and sleep tight. Nose Vents Plugs are useful to stop snoring. As snoring disturbs you and your partner and results in daytime sleepinessreduce mental alertness and at the time affects your relationship too. 

Nose Vents Plugs facilitate your life and energize your morning. Nose Vents Plugs improve the sleep quality that can make you mentally alert in the morning. Nose Vents Plugs also helps the people around you to sleep better. 

Customers’ Satisfaction and Reviews: 

Customers love the Nose Vents Plugs. They declare that these Nose Vents Plugs helped a lot in improving their sleep and their partners’ breathing and sleeping quality. 

Price at Amazon.com: 

Nose Vents Plugs are not only in excellent quality; instead, these are available at Amazon.com at a reasonable price. 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap Device: 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap launch in the 1930s. These chin straps primarily not designed for snorers especially instead of the main focus for the patients who underwent various facial surgeries.  Anti Snoring Chin Strap is easily adjustable. It works by holding jaws to keep airways open while sleeping. 

You do not need to wear anything inside your mouth. You can use it at any time and can take with you anywhere you want to go. 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap is FDA Certified. It is equally suitable for young, older adults, women and men and helps you to sleep comfortably without disturbing the sleep of other people around you 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap helps you instantly to stop you snoring. It helps you to sleep well every night without any disturbance more. 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap is comfortable to use Anti Snoring Chin Strap keep your mouth closed and avoid airway obstruction

Anti Snoring Chin Strap is suitable for all types of skinAnti Snoring Chin Strap is made up of incredibly soft and flexible material that is easy to washAnti Snoring Chin Strap is perfect for sensitive skin. You can use Anti Snoring Chin Strap with confidence without any fear of skin allergies or itching

Anti Snoring Chin Strap made of top quality material; the lightweight material helps your skin to breathe even at night. 

Customers’ Reviews

Customers are 100% satisfied with this product and recommended others to use it.  

Product Cost: 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap is available at a reasonable price at Amazon.com 

DORTZ Anti Snoring Devices: 

Are you disturbed by your snoring?  Or your spouse snore every night? And you want to get rid of snoring? 

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device is designed to solve your problem. 

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device is very easy and comfortable to use. You need to place in the nostrils and that immediately improve the air flow through your nose. DORTZ Anti Snoring Device allows you to breathe easily and you stop snoring without any discomfort. 

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device newly designed nasal vents in 4 different sizes.  

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device has a plastic storage case. High-quality material used in DORTZ Anti Snoring Device. It comes in 8 pairs of different sizes. DORTZ Anti Snoring nasal vents are comfortable and odorless. 

 Remember one thing people who have allergic diseases they should take permission from their doctors before using it. 

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device makes your breathing easily at night and allows you and your loved ones to stop snoring. 

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device has a modern design made in a way that provides you with a sound and enjoyable sleep. These Nasal dilators are comfortable and easy to use. 

Customers Reviews

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device  wins the trust of the customers.  Most of the customers highly appreciated this device. 

 Price of DORTZ Anti Snoring Device   

DORTZ Anti Snoring Device is available at a reasonable price at Amazon.com 

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